Hi there...

I'm Sumayya (that's 'sue-may-ya').


I’m here to help creative souls who fell into a generalist career, to find their true professional path – the one that brings meaning, creativity, and success on their terms.


You know that feeling where you’re successful on paper, but it’s not a fit for who you are?

In spite of doing well, and having the paychecks and perks, it doesn’t make up for the lack of fulfillment anymore.  


You know you’re meant to do something different, but you don’t know what it is. Deep down you want to redesign your career into one that feels like you, uses your creative thinking, and fulfills your potential. But where to begin?


If you’re eager to find your truth path and make the change, then come hang with me.


I can help you channel your smarts, talents, creativity, and passions into a fulfilling path that feels like you.

My philosophy

Your Path is Created


There's more than one way you can achieve what you want. You don't "find" your path - you create it.

Courageous Confidence


Building resilience, managing fear, and handling uncertainty are at the core of making change.

Design Thinking


Design thinking is how you bring your vision to life when there is no formula

I’ve gone into big corporate, ridden the wild startup ride, landed my dream job, and started a multi-five figure per month side business.


Through personal experience I know the persistence, courage, and vulnerability it takes to chart your own course.


And I created Curate the Future because we all deserve to bloom into our full potential, but we aren't taught  how to choose our path or change to a new one.


It's hard to choose a path when you want to do everything and you don't have a crystal ball.



It's hard to get the courage to pursue a change when your identity has been tied to a career for so long.


And it's hard to move forward when there is no perfect recipe to follow.


I've been coaching in various settings for over 10 years, and I've learned what it REALLY takes to get clear on what we want, get the courage to go for it, and get the strategic plan we need to make the leap.

What it’s like to work with me


A lot of heart and a straightforward approach

My style is down to earth and I’m going to help you concretely see your path forward, while also challenging you and telling you what you need to hear.



A focus on getting your head in the game

Our thought patterns can have an enormous effect on our actions and results – it’s how we get in our own way. Where these are holding you back I’ll help you to craft new ones that empower you and propel you forward.



A strengths-based approach

I have a unique ability to help people identify their strengths and channel them into actions and options. I’ll help you see how you can leverage your strengths into a new direction and find the right fit for you.

Come explore the program

And see if what I offer is right for you.

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